On 10 February we went swimming for the first time with Aunty Claire and Cousin Oliver.

It was quite a stressful experience because I didn’t know what to expect and also my fears of it being quite difficult to get yourself and a baby changed in a slippery environment we’re correct.

How do you carry bags, locker keys, locker money, towels and a baby while walking through an area with a wet floor? With great difficulty. But we managed.

We only stayed in the pool for about 20 minutes and it was warm enough for that time. But getting changed afterwards made me realise that I don’t matter anymore. As I was getting covered in goosebumps and turning purple where I was so cold my main priority was making sure Phoebe was dried, warm and dressed as quickly as possible. Once that was done I could sort myself out.

It was very quiet in the pool, nothing much really happened.  It wasn’t like we were doing any actual swimming it was mainly just a lot of cooing, trying to get a smile and dipping Phoebe’s hair, of the little amount she has left, into the water.

She seems to like the water though. No tears or tantrums.

I think it’s really important living so close to the beach and seaside that Phoebe is not scared of water and that she feels confident in it. So as she gets older I’m going to encourage her to go more often.