Mother’s Day 2016

Today I am celebrating my first Mother’s Day and it’s been just perfect!

I persuaded Daddy to get up early this morning to see to Phoebe and he happily obliged! As I laid in bed relaxing I heard some scrunching going on downstairs and the sound of sellotape being used…

Ummm I wonder what surprises I had in store?

I was excited to see my baby girl’s face as she bought my card and presents up to me for my very first mother’s day. And she was the cutest holding the card herself and giving it to me in bed.

We all sat down and opened the card and presents together. And now I know what all the scruffling was about as some black fingers gave me a little bit of a clue…

This was my lovely card…10 out of 10 for effort!


I literally was so happy with this I wouldn’t have wanted any more! But I also got morning snuggles…


And I got a lovely memory box to treasure everything of Phoebe’s in and also my favourite Gerbera plant.

And AND AND…we then went for a very cold walk along the seafront with Charlie and ate Eggs Benedict with a warm cuppa.


But this is not all… We went off for a drive to the pub and had a little drink, joked a bit about the fact Mother’s Day is to give the Mummy a break so POG was doing the cooking tonight. For those that know me will know I don’t ever do the cooking normally 😉 But I was to enjoy a wonderful roast lamb.

Total day equals – being spoilt rotten.