Phoebe things

I’m getting to grips with this parenting lark. In fact I’m going to big myself up and say I think I’m doing a damn good job. Phoebe is content, she’s fed, changed, sleeps and I feel good too so I think we’re doing well.

However, here’s some Phoebe things that I didn’t get told and I’m having to fathom out myself why she does it and what to do. Is she the only one that seems to do these things though?

#1 Hiccups
After pretty much every feed Phoebe gets the hiccups. Or she’ll have fed and then an hour later she’ll get the hiccups randomly. I wind her after every feed but she still seems to get them for some reason. She doesn’t get particularly distressed by them but they do make her a little bit sicky sometimes. Can anyone shed some light on why babies get hiccups so frequently?

#2 Jumps
This is so funny but sometimes we’ll be sitting there and she will be asleep and then suddenly she’ll just jump out of her skin. It’s so weird because sometimes I can have the hoover or hairdryer on right next to her and she doesn’t flinch but she seems to jump at other times for no reason. Haven’t got a clue why she does this either.

#3 Cold Hands and Feet
I know she’s not cold but at times her hands and feet do seem really cold. I was told in the hospital that as long as her neck is a good temperature then she’ll be OK. I’m also not convinced by the GroEgg. To me I prefer it on the orange colour, even though it says it should be yellow. It seems wayyyy too chilly when it’s yellow.

#4 Breastfeeding is harder than giving birth
I was really worried about giving birth. I was worried about the unknown and what to expect. I’m not sure what I had to worry about it was actually fine in the end. I’ll never forget the day and how I felt. I remember it so well it feels like yesterday in my head. What I have found really difficult, however, is breastfeeding and getting Phoebe to latch on and staying awake long enough to get some milk. Like I’ve said in previous posts I’m combination feeding. I would have loved to exclusively breastfeed but it hasn’t worked out that way. This is working for us though and she seems really happy so as long as she is then I am. I give her as much breastmilk as I physically can, or what she’ll take and then I do formula top ups. She’s going longer at night and is getting fed – that’s the main thing!

#5 Sick after every feed
After every feed she is always a little but sicky. I know this is probably normal but sometimes it does look like an awful lot of milk. I’m sure it looks worse than it actually is. 

#6 Sneezes
This is really cute but Phoebe sneezes… a lot. She doesn’t seem to have a constant cold, and our house isn’t full of dust but she does sneeze daily. Anyone know why this might be?

#7 Yawning and Sleeping
And as if she doesn’t get enough sleep as it is she wakes up from a long nap and then promptly yawns her head off. I’m not particularly worried about this – after all we adults seem to yawn a lot too.

I’m almost certain they’re not exclusive to Phoebe, but if you can shed some light then great.