Sitting up…proper

This week, 22 May, our Little Bee made real progress with sitting up! She went quite quickly from just a few seconds, to about 30 seconds to now just a few days later full blown sitting. She’s still a little bit wobbly but generally she’s mastered the balancing of it. She hasn’t quite worked out how to get back up when she falls but I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time. Here’s some pics and videos of my superstar sitter!

Also, as a side note, look how wafty her hair has gone! It’s suddenly started growing and now it’s gone all crazy fluffy!



Sitting up

…Well Sort of.

I’m definitely calling it our first sitting up, even if it was only for three seconds!

On 23 April Phoebe managed this small feat for a mere three seconds. It’s a small feat for us, we sit up all the time but for her it was a very big achievement! She did it though, and it won’t be long before she does it for longer and then as soon as she’s got the hang of it she’ll have a whole new world to explore from a whole new level and perspective.

And and…and then on 25 April she did the same for about 20 seconds. So we’re making improvements every day! She even did it while taking a look at her favourite book at the moment – ‘That’s not my Lion’.

So what next for Little Bee? Well who knows, but we’ll have lots of fun trying and getting it right eventually.