May 2016

This month I’ve:

  • Been to the zoo
  • Had a sleepover at Nana’s and Gramps
  • My mummy went back to work 😦
  • I went out with some of my friends
  • I can now sit up properly for an extended period
  • I enjoyed playing with some more of my toys
  • I started rolling over
  • I continued to be a super star sleeper!

Sitting up…proper

This week, 22 May, our Little Bee made real progress with sitting up! She went quite quickly from just a few seconds, to about 30 seconds to now just a few days later full blown sitting. She’s still a little bit wobbly but generally she’s mastered the balancing of it. She hasn’t quite worked out how to get back up when she falls but I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time. Here’s some pics and videos of my superstar sitter!

Also, as a side note, look how wafty her hair has gone! It’s suddenly started growing and now it’s gone all crazy fluffy!