Mother’s Day 2017

Woah! How quick does a year go. It felt like only yesterday we were enjoying my first mother’s day and now here we are on our second. And again, like last year, it didn’t disappoint. I got some lovely gifts from my little Bee and we had a wonderful day spent at Kent Life, which is an attraction in Maidstone that has lots of farm animals and tractor rides etc and then not very glamorous but 100% perfect was dinner at Nandos. I love being a mummy SO much. It’s the best feeling in the world.












Our first holiday…without Phoebe

For Christmas 2016 I got a surprise holiday to Morocco. Most people would be over the moon at a present like this but my immediate reaction was our safety because of recent world events and going away without my darling Phoebe.

I felt ungrateful and because I also hate flying i just felt dread. Why couldn’t I have a normal present. Of course, i know i was being silly and i didn’t mean to sound the way I did i was just worried.

But when the holiday came it was OK. I had a little tear after we left Phoebe at Nana and Gramps and then i was just focused on the flight. But as soon as we arrived, it we felt safe, I felt at ease, I was in constant contact with Phoebe and i started to relax. We only went away for a four days but they felt like the longest four days ever.





And I got these lovely photos half way through the mini break of Phoebe riding on her bike and helping to cut the grass.


Mastering the walking

Just a month after Little Bee took her first steps she started showing off around one of our favourite places – Wildwood. She loves seeing all the animals and now she can explore even more because she can walk to her heart’s content.

We love going to Wildwood, we have the annual membership and it means that when we’re at home and there’s nothing to do then we can just pop down the road and know that it will be a fun two hours seeing bears, deers, wild cats, reindeers and lots of other woodland and forest animals. Plus there’s a play area at the end that Phoebe just LOVES. Especially the slide.





Snapchatting… Part 3

I feel like a bad parent sometimes when I whip Snapchat out to keep Phoebe quiet but she literally loves it. And as she’s growing up in a completely different world to what I had as a kid I don’t feel too bad…she is part of the digital revolution. As soon as the dog filter comes on she sticks her tongue out, it’s the cutest. And when you get to play it with your older sister it seem so much more fun. Here’s some more of our Snapchat fun…






March 2016



This month I’ve:

  • Made weight gains and I’m now up to 13lb 6oz
  • My mummy had her first Mother’s Day
  • It was my Nana’s Birthday
  • I went to Bluewater for the first time
  • I moved into the bigger part of my pram
  • Learnt to blow raspberries
  • I started eating some mushed up banana
  • I got to spent my first Easter at Minnis Bay in the lovely sun
  • I graduated from my sing and sign class