Nursery decor

When we moved into our new house we were greeted with old-fashioned decor and woodchip. As we stepped through the front door it felt like we’d be transported back to the 70s. The house is completely liveable but the look is not to our taste. We have plenty of time to turn this into our dream house but our first big project is Phoebe’s nursery.

I was so desperate to have moved in and have the nursery perfect for when she was born – but as I’ve learnt nothing ever goes to plan. So here we are decorating the room around her.

Here are our before shots. Luckily it was the only room without woodchip. So just a simple job of painting the lining paper that was already up. It was a horrible creamy yellow and blue theme. So it is an overhaul on this and we’re going for a fresh white feel with yellow and grey accessories and a few giraffes thrown in for good measure.


I’m not a big fan of ‘nursery furniture sets’. I think they’re overpriced and actually this room is too small for one big piece of furniture, let alone a set of three. Measuring in at 2.5m by 1.5m it’s got just enough room for the basics – a cot, somewhere to put clothes and somewhere to sit.  We needed to be savvy with space thinking about space saving and using the height of the room to our advantage.

You can find some of bits that have inspired me over on my Pinterest Board.

We’ve gone for:

  • A light grey cot from Ikea
  • Giraffe-themed bedding from Mothercare’s Tusk range
  • Box units from B&Q Konnect range
  • A new light grey coloured carpet
  • An A-Z that I got from The Wooden Letter Company, which I have been painting over the last six months.
  • A super cute giraffe head from John Lewis.
  • I have made some lovely yellow bunting and curtains to match.
  • White wooden blinds which are from Blinds2Go
  • I’ve made a ribbon and pom pom mobile
  • A beanbag to allow me to feed Phoebe during the night and read her bedtime stories
  • And our final addition is some shelving for all the lovely books and accessories we have.






What do you think of our nursery transformation? Have we done a good job? I’d love to know what you think or if we could improve it in anyway. I’m really happy about how it’s turned out and I know Phoebe will be happy with it as she gets older. In a few years we plan to go up into our loft to create a new bedroom so when she gets to an age where she has lots of toys to play with she’ll have an even bigger room and we’ll have another room to decorate.


Our adventure begins

We’ve been in our new house for two weeks already and even though we had to wait 10 months we can now start to call this place home.

We’ve gone from a little 2-bed terrace – Lucky Number 7 to a 1930’s 3-bed semi – Lucky Number 17. And it couldn’t be more perfect. Our lovely family home right by the seaside.

We moved everything ourselves and it was pretty stress free. Starting on the Thursday and finishing it off on the Friday morning and we got the keys at about 3pm on the Friday. It all seemed to work out really well.

I was in charge of bubble wrapping all my lovely pictures and artwork and looking after Phoebe and Charlie. POG did the rest.

Our first morning was eventful with a power cut – which on a freezing cold day in an all electric house wasn’t too fun but it gave us an excuse for very early morning cuddles under the duvet with Phoebe.

It still feels a little bit like we’re on holiday but I’m sure in the next few weeks, as Christmas gets closer, and we can start making it our own, this feeling will fade. It’s a completely new area so we’re having to get used to where everything is and what shops we have on our doorstep. Birchington is a lovely little village though and I’m sure we’re going to make some very happy memories here.

We also have some major decorating to do – which is something I’m mega excited about. I already have so many ideas in my head thanks to Pinterest and my own creativity. I’ll be documenting and blogging about Lucky Number 17 as our adventure begins so enjoy reading.

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