Jabs – round 1

What comes with being a baby unfortunately is the jabs.

I say unfortunately because it’s not a nice experience and the after effects are not very pleasant but needs must and for the sake of a grotty day or so it’s totally worth it. I wouldn’t ever want to put Phoebe through actually having something wrong and having to be in hospital because we didn’t protect her.

I’m sure every baby reacts differently to the jabs. Phoebe’s first lot were at eight weeks. And below is a before and after picture. She was all happy and content going in and as I took her on my own I knew I had to stay strong for her and keep calm. Although I’ll be honest when the needles went in she screamed. Like I’d never heard her scream before…and I can tell you she definitely has some lungs on her.

She continued to cry like this for the rest of the afternoon and seemed inconsolable but then when she finally slept she just slept and slept and slept.

We had her jabs on the Friday and she settled back down on the Saturday. Then seemed grumpier than ever on the Sunday. But thankfully was back to her usual self from the Monday.

We gave her the recommended dose of Calpol throughout the Friday, left it on the Saturday as she seemed to perk up but ended up giving a little bit more on the Sunday, oh and lots of cuddles – cuddles were top of the agenda.

We have round 2 on 8 January. Wish us luck.