My first haircut

Phoebe’s hair has really started to get in her face and although it’s not that long it did need a bit of a trim at the front so I took her to get her first haircut.

We went to a little salon just round the corner from our house and they were really lovely and good with her. She sat on my lap while she was having it cut and i let her play with my phone and the lady gave her the water squirter to play with. Then ta-dah a few seconds later it was done. And the brucie bonus was they only charged me 50p. Wish my haircuts cost that much.

She does look a lot smarter though and it’s out of her eyes which is the main thing.

And because she was so good they gave her a biscuit at the end.

img_4293  img_4292

img_4290  img_4291