Day trip to see Great Nana Lucy

We squeezed a little trip to see Great Nana Lucy just before Christmas. We got the train to St Pancras International and then got a taxi from there to her flat in Waterloo.

We enjoyed a fish and chip lunch and a little mooch round her treasure trove of a flat before getting the train back.

It was such a lovely day. We all love spending time with Nana Lucy and she does too.

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Great Nana Lucy’s 90th Birthday

On 5 October 2016 it was Great Nana Lucy’s 90th birthday. She is in fact the same age as the Queen. We organised a surprise afternoon tea in the Savoy! It was awfully posh but they really treated us well and played Happy Birthday on the piano. And both you, Little Bee, and Oliver were so well behaved! We were so proud of you and you looked just scrumptious in your new dress!

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When Great Nana Lucy came to stay

On the weekend of 4 June Great Nana Lucy came to stay for the first time – and Phoebe, as well as us, had a fabulous time.

It was so lovely to see them playing together and even at 89 nan was on her hands and knees giving Little Bee her full attention.

Made my heart melt and created some really lovely memories.

On the Friday we took Nan out for fish and chips, Saturday we had a BBQ party to celebrate ‘Phoebe’s Birth’ and then on Sunday we took her home. She probably needed a little holiday for a rest. These 8 month-olds can be tiring you know.

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