Our first holiday…without Phoebe

For Christmas 2016 I got a surprise holiday to Morocco. Most people would be over the moon at a present like this but my immediate reaction was our safety because of recent world events and going away without my darling Phoebe.

I felt ungrateful and because I also hate flying i just felt dread. Why couldn’t I have a normal present. Of course, i know i was being silly and i didn’t mean to sound the way I did i was just worried.

But when the holiday came it was OK. I had a little tear after we left Phoebe at Nana and Gramps and then i was just focused on the flight. But as soon as we arrived, it we felt safe, I felt at ease, I was in constant contact with Phoebe and i started to relax. We only went away for a four days but they felt like the longest four days ever.





And I got these lovely photos half way through the mini break of Phoebe riding on her bike and helping to cut the grass.



My first shoes

And with first steps it has to be done…my first shoes.

On the Saturday after Phoebe started walking we took her to Maidstone to the Golden Boot to get her feet measured and her first proper pair of shoes. She was a size 4G!

Now she has started taking those first steps, even though it’s early days, I want to encourage her to wear shoes and walk as much as possible. She doesn’t normally sit still for 5 minutes even so I think she might be quite an active child and as we live so close to the beach I’m hoping she’ll be quite ‘outdoorsy’

img_4360  img_4362

img_4368  img_4364

and then away she went… We tried on a couple of different pairs of shoes but we went with these cream and spotty canvas ones! (CREAM, what was I thinking!) Oh well I’ve been told she’ll grow out of them within a couple of months so we’ll then be onto another pair!

My first haircut

Phoebe’s hair has really started to get in her face and although it’s not that long it did need a bit of a trim at the front so I took her to get her first haircut.

We went to a little salon just round the corner from our house and they were really lovely and good with her. She sat on my lap while she was having it cut and i let her play with my phone and the lady gave her the water squirter to play with. Then ta-dah a few seconds later it was done. And the brucie bonus was they only charged me 50p. Wish my haircuts cost that much.

She does look a lot smarter though and it’s out of her eyes which is the main thing.

And because she was so good they gave her a biscuit at the end.

img_4293  img_4292

img_4290  img_4291


Almost walking…

On Christmas Eve Little Bee gave us an early Christmas present by walking with her walker. The first time she has done this and shown any signs of walking since she got the pram walker on her birthday back in October.

It made me light up with joy and I can’t wait for her to walk properly now.


I’m still standing

At the end of November we went to France for the day to stock up on Christmas drinks and some French treats. She had great fun again on the ferry and in the shopping trolley and on the way home she even stood up for the first time and clapped to the people watching. Quite a little show off she is. Thanks to Uncle Darren for his persistence with Phoebe.

img_3171   img_3173

img_3174   img_3175

Phoebe’s 1st birthday

What a year! Here’s Phoebe’s first year in pictures:

img_2697 img_2698 img_2699 img_2700

I cant’ believe a year passed so quickly. Like so so quickly. We are so thankful and grateful that when she graced us with her presence 6 weeks earlier than expected that she was OK and just needed a little bit of extra TLC at the beginning.

It was the happiest of times, but also the most scariest and i was so fragile I wonder looking back how i managed to stay so strong. But I did and here we are. The time is upon us to celebrate Little Bee’s 1st birthday, so we needed to make sure it was super special. On her actual birthday we spent the day together opening presents in the morning and playing with them, then we went out for a bit of breakfast followed by a trip round the Wildwood. She absolutely loved seeing all the animals. Then in the evening, because it was Poppy’s birthday too we went out for dinner after we picked her up from school.

On the Sunday, so two days after their birthdays we then held a little tea party at our house just for family and close friends. I made some cakes and got some balloons and we just had a nice time celebrating.

Given how quickly the time is going i best get cracking on her 2nd birthday plans.

img_2702  img_2705

img_2708  img_2709

img_2711  img_2712

img_2715  img_2716

img_2719  img_2727

img_2728  img_2730

img_2735  img_2738

img_2741  img_2746

img_2749  img_2796

img_2793  img_2792

Our first holiday

On 17 September I went on my first holiday to Barcelona! Because mummy and daddy had so much to take for me we decided to drive…yep DRIVE! It took three days to get down there but we did some nice overnight stops on the way in the middle of France in a place called Limoges and then I met my grandad and Sue for the first time and we stayed in their bed and breakfast in a little village just outside Toulouse. On the third day we then set off on our adventure to Barcelona, where we’d stay there for a week. I wasn’t too bad on the journey but it was long and we had to make quite a few frequent stops. But when we got there it was absolutely lovely.

The view from our apartment was amazing with some really stunning sunrises and sunsets. We enjoyed the beach, going to Barcelona Zoo, the Picasso museum, playing on the swings, going to the aquarium and eating lots of nice food.

We then had the mammoth journey back but we didn’t stop at grandad’s on the way back so we did a full day of driving which was tiring. We made a stop in Orleans and then in Boulogne and we went to a huge aquarium called Naussica and I got to see lots of fishes and sharks.

By the time we all got back we were shattered. I did a lot of firsts while I was on holiday – here were some of the highlights:

  • I went on the ferry
  • I went to France for the first time
  • I went to Spain for the first time
  • I met my grandad and Sue
  • I started climbing
  • I went to a Michelin star restaurant (and screamed pretty much the whole time)
  • I went to an aquarium
  • I enjoyed lots of tasty croissants

img_2315 img_2327

img_2408  img_2407

img_2330 img_2332

img_2357  img_2366

img_2373   img_2374

img_2380  img_2381

img_2382  img_2386 \

img_2389    img_2410

img_2424   img_2434

img_2428  img_2485


img_2479  img_2493

img_2514  img_2542

img_2536   img_2406