Best friends

Our dog Charlie.

He’s bouncy and fun but he loves this one just as much as she loves him. They really are like best friends.

When I was pregnant we took him to the dogs trust with the view of giving him up because I worried so badly about how bouncy he’d be round a newborn and how he’d cope with all her toys around and not chewing everything in sight like he always has but the best decision we ever made was to give him a chance. And he’s seriously like a different dog since she’s been here and since we moved to the beach. Yeah he has his silly moments still but he’s calm, placid and absolutely adores her. He’s never touched a single toy of hers because he knows his boundaries now. If this isn’t love I don’t know what it. It’s good to give hugs. Always. It’s my favourite thing and I know it’s Phoebe’s too! 🐝🐶💛



Poppy and Phoebe are exactly 10 years apart to the day! And now Little Bee is a bit more exciting and into more things she is much more fun to play with. I love the top left hand picture!

Poppy and Phoebe   Poppy and Phoebe

Poppy and Phoebe   Poppy and Phoebe

Christmas 2016

We were all super excited about Christmas this year and I was full to burst with happiness because of seeing Phoebe’s face and knowing she might not understand what it’s all about but she had more of a concept that something was going on. And she loved all her presents.

The Christmas build up began in early December as we put our tree and decorations up. It felt all Christmassy, we went ice-skating, enjoyed hot chocolate and really embraced the whole festive season.

img_3225  img_3227

img_3229  img_3234

img_3235  img_3237

img_3259  img_3261

img_3292  img_3321

img_3342  img_3450

On Christmas Eve we had little presents and then watched some Christmas films before bed. Then it was an early start for everyone the next day because Santa had been.

Phoebe preferred to play with the paper and a toothbrush more than her presents but she actually enjoyed it really i think.

img_3628  img_3632

img_3638  img_3639

img_3640  img_3642

Then after our own presents and a bit of brekky Nana, Gramps, Aunty Claire, Uncle Stuart and Uncle Dave came round with cousin Oliver too. It was such a lovely day full of festive cheer, laughter and smiles.

img_3690   img_3696

img_3695  img_3678

img_3676  img_3647

img_3648  img_3649

img_3666  img_3672

img_3644  img_3678

Happy Christmas from Team OG

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