Christmas 2016

We were all super excited about Christmas this year and I was full to burst with happiness because of seeing Phoebe’s face and knowing she might not understand what it’s all about but she had more of a concept that something was going on. And she loved all her presents.

The Christmas build up began in early December as we put our tree and decorations up. It felt all Christmassy, we went ice-skating, enjoyed hot chocolate and really embraced the whole festive season.

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On Christmas Eve we had little presents and then watched some Christmas films before bed. Then it was an early start for everyone the next day because Santa had been.

Phoebe preferred to play with the paper and a toothbrush more than her presents but she actually enjoyed it really i think.

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Then after our own presents and a bit of brekky Nana, Gramps, Aunty Claire, Uncle Stuart and Uncle Dave came round with cousin Oliver too. It was such a lovely day full of festive cheer, laughter and smiles.

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Happy Christmas from Team OG

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Meeting Santa 2016

This year was no different to last. When Phoebe met Santa it was quick. She was not really that impressed with him and no matter how many presents he’d offered she would have cried.

I know she is still too young to know who he is or what Christmas is about but I wanted to get the photos for a nice memory.

We went over to Westwood Cross in Thanet, same as last year and I think next year I’ll try somewhere different because it wasn’t that great. The photos says it all. Not wanting to look at the camera and getting scared when he talked or looked at her.

Christmas 2015

Phoebe’s first Christmas was pretty chaotic, busy but still lovely. It felt like a rushed time, I was a new mum trying to get to grips with everything. But we did. We managed to decorate the house nicely and for it to feel Christmassy. It felt a bit odd not being at work and not surrounded by the usual festivities you get in an office.

At only three months we didn’t get her many presents but we had a really nice day, with Nanny and Grandad and Uncle Glen coming over for an hour in the morning.

It was the first Christmas in our new house so it was a pretty big adjustment to our family. It was all new but it was about creating new traditions and new memories. Here’s some of our wonderful highlights.

20151205_184453  20151206_201749  20151225_095914

20151225_111243  sam_2394

sam_2403  sam_2404

sam_2408  sam_2410



Meeting Santa

When Phoebe met Santa it was quick. You could say it was a fleeting visit, after all he did have to get back to work ready for the big day.

I know she was only a couple of months old but I wanted to take her to see Santa so that we could get some nice photos and for her to be able to believe in the magic when she’s older. To show her that Santa does exist and he was there when she was born.

I know that might not make sense to some, but it makes sense to me.

We went over to Westwood Cross in Thanet. I was expecting long queues but in fact, it was dead quiet and we waltzed right in. We didn’t even have to pay as she was so young. Bonus. I even enjoyed having a little chat with Santa. He was obviously taking time out of his busy schedule but he was pleased to see us.

I got the photos I wanted and the memory was made. Phoebe’s first trip to see Santa.