Solid on my feet

Phoebe went for a little evening walk on 2 April 2017 and this is it she really has nailed it this time. Excuse the huge vest – they’re too big for her. This was the day it was really warm and sunny¬†though and it was just before her bedtime so that’s why she looks like a scruff.


April 2016

This month I’ve:

  • Made weight gains and I’m now up to 14lb 7oz
  • Enjoyed some sunny days at the beach
  • Continued to sleep through the night
  • Started eating three meals a day
  • And I’m enjoying all the new flavours
  • I started to sit up a little bit
  • I can hold my spoon
  • I started sitting up for about 20 seconds before falling over.
  • I went swimming with my nana, aunty and cousin
  • I can grab my feet
  • I went on some long walks with mummy

Sitting up

…Well Sort of.

I’m definitely calling it our first sitting up, even if it was only for three seconds!

On 23 April Phoebe managed this small feat for a mere three seconds. It’s a small feat for us, we sit up all the time but for her it was a very big achievement! She did it though, and it won’t be long before she does it for longer and then as soon as she’s got the hang of it she’ll have a whole new world to explore from a whole new level and perspective.

And and…and then on 25 April she did the same for about 20 seconds. So we’re making improvements every day! She even did it while taking a look at her favourite book at the moment – ‘That’s not my Lion’.

So what next for Little Bee? Well who knows, but we’ll have lots of fun trying and getting it right eventually.


On 16 April out of the blue, Phoebe started blowing raspberries. Now it’s incredibly cute but not when she’s being fed, because food has started to go everywhere.

She really is turning into a little cheeky monkey and check out this video. How can you not just encourage it when she’s doing it because it’s something new she’s managed to figure out how to do. She’s so proud of all these new things she’s learning to do.