When Betsy and Bee came to visit

When I was pregnant I set up an Instagram account just to document my journey and this has since spiralled into meeting lots of new people. I started by following some key accounts and then that widened and before I knew it I was in a world of following new mums, mums to be, and lots of craft people too. But in amongst all of that I met Phoebe – someone who I have a lot in common with and someone who i know i will always talk to. Not always daily but we know each other is there, if that makes sense.

Phoebe started by setting up a Whatsapp group, that had about 15 people in it and due to girls being girls this dwindled through arguments sadly but there are a few of us who have stayed in touch and one of those is me and Phoebe. Her boyfriend’s family lives in Thanet so I am also lucky enough to get to see her face to face and meet her beautiful little family.

The first time we met in 2015 I was a bit nervous because it’s one thing talking on Whatsapp and Instagram but another to actually meet. Well it was fine and her little girl Betsy is just adorable.

So this year she was down for Christmas so we met up again and the girls just ahd a lovely time playing, we had a good catch up and I can’t wait until the next time already.


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Christmas 2016

We were all super excited about Christmas this year and I was full to burst with happiness because of seeing Phoebe’s face and knowing she might not understand what it’s all about but she had more of a concept that something was going on. And she loved all her presents.

The Christmas build up began in early December as we put our tree and decorations up. It felt all Christmassy, we went ice-skating, enjoyed hot chocolate and really embraced the whole festive season.

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On Christmas Eve we had little presents and then watched some Christmas films before bed. Then it was an early start for everyone the next day because Santa had been.

Phoebe preferred to play with the paper and a toothbrush more than her presents but she actually enjoyed it really i think.

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Then after our own presents and a bit of brekky Nana, Gramps, Aunty Claire, Uncle Stuart and Uncle Dave came round with cousin Oliver too. It was such a lovely day full of festive cheer, laughter and smiles.

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Happy Christmas from Team OG

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Almost walking…

On Christmas Eve Little Bee gave us an early Christmas present by walking with her walker. The first time she has done this and shown any signs of walking since she got the pram walker on her birthday back in October.

It made me light up with joy and I can’t wait for her to walk properly now.


Meeting Santa 2016

This year was no different to last. When Phoebe met Santa it was quick. She was not really that impressed with him and no matter how many presents he’d offered she would have cried.

I know she is still too young to know who he is or what Christmas is about but I wanted to get the photos for a nice memory.

We went over to Westwood Cross in Thanet, same as last year and I think next year I’ll try somewhere different because it wasn’t that great. The photos says it all. Not wanting to look at the camera and getting scared when he talked or looked at her.

I’m still standing

At the end of November we went to France for the day to stock up on Christmas drinks and some French treats. She had great fun again on the ferry and in the shopping trolley and on the way home she even stood up for the first time and clapped to the people watching. Quite a little show off she is. Thanks to Uncle Darren for his persistence with Phoebe.

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Fireworks Night 2016

The 5 November is Gramp’s birthday so we stayed round for the night and enjoyed stew, sparklers and fireworks. Little Bee wasn’t so keen on the fireworks so went to bed but it was fun for the rest of us. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them more next year!

img_2987 img_2991

She is in there in all those layers…I promise.

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Poppy’s 11th Birthday

It was probably quite a shock for Poppy to have her sister born on the same day. No-one ever in a million years could have planned it that way or predicted it…these things just happen. But she actually has been fine about it. As she was at school all day we did Phoebe’s things in the day and made the evening just about Poppy – taking her to our favourite pizza restaurant.

She then had a stash of presents to open when we got home. We also celebrated her 11th birthday on the Sunday in a joint tea party.

It might have all felt weird but let’s face it there are only 365 days in a year so chances are quite a few of us have to share birthdays!

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