December 2015

December is one of my favourite times of the year, because of Christmas. And this year there was even more added excitement because it was Phoebe’s first Christmas. Gahhhh too much excitement for one person.

This December we had so much going on. Rooms were being decorated, Christmas trees were being bought and decorated and there was turkeys and brussel sprouts to contend with.

I know Phoebe was only 11 weeks by Christmas but she’s not too small to know what any of it is but we still bought her presents. She got lots of lovely gifts and clothes. She even had her own Christmas cracker!



This month I’ve:

  • Got to grips with tummy time
  • Got up to 8lb 5oz
  • Enjoyed trips to the zoo
  • Had my first set of jabs
  • Celebrated my Nana’s birthday
  • Experienced my first Christmas
  • Loved playing on my play mat and shouting and cooing on it
  • Started sleeping in my cot
  • Met Santa Claus for the first time
  • Had my first New Year’s Eve

Christmas 2015

Phoebe’s first Christmas was pretty chaotic, busy but still lovely. It felt like a rushed time, I was a new mum trying to get to grips with everything. But we did. We managed to decorate the house nicely and for it to feel Christmassy. It felt a bit odd not being at work and not surrounded by the usual festivities you get in an office.

At only three months we didn’t get her many presents but we had a really nice day, with Nanny and Grandad and Uncle Glen coming over for an hour in the morning.

It was the first Christmas in our new house so it was a pretty big adjustment to our family. It was all new but it was about creating new traditions and new memories. Here’s some of our wonderful highlights.

20151205_184453  20151206_201749  20151225_095914

20151225_111243  sam_2394

sam_2403  sam_2404

sam_2408  sam_2410



Meeting Santa

When Phoebe met Santa it was quick. You could say it was a fleeting visit, after all he did have to get back to work ready for the big day.

I know she was only a couple of months old but I wanted to take her to see Santa so that we could get some nice photos and for her to be able to believe in the magic when she’s older. To show her that Santa does exist and he was there when she was born.

I know that might not make sense to some, but it makes sense to me.

We went over to Westwood Cross in Thanet. I was expecting long queues but in fact, it was dead quiet and we waltzed right in. We didn’t even have to pay as she was so young. Bonus. I even enjoyed having a little chat with Santa. He was obviously taking time out of his busy schedule but he was pleased to see us.

I got the photos I wanted and the memory was made. Phoebe’s first trip to see Santa.

Phoebe things

I’m getting to grips with this parenting lark. In fact I’m going to big myself up and say I think I’m doing a damn good job. Phoebe is content, she’s fed, changed, sleeps and I feel good too so I think we’re doing well.

However, here’s some Phoebe things that I didn’t get told and I’m having to fathom out myself why she does it and what to do. Is she the only one that seems to do these things though?

#1 Hiccups
After pretty much every feed Phoebe gets the hiccups. Or she’ll have fed and then an hour later she’ll get the hiccups randomly. I wind her after every feed but she still seems to get them for some reason. She doesn’t get particularly distressed by them but they do make her a little bit sicky sometimes. Can anyone shed some light on why babies get hiccups so frequently?

#2 Jumps
This is so funny but sometimes we’ll be sitting there and she will be asleep and then suddenly she’ll just jump out of her skin. It’s so weird because sometimes I can have the hoover or hairdryer on right next to her and she doesn’t flinch but she seems to jump at other times for no reason. Haven’t got a clue why she does this either.

#3 Cold Hands and Feet
I know she’s not cold but at times her hands and feet do seem really cold. I was told in the hospital that as long as her neck is a good temperature then she’ll be OK. I’m also not convinced by the GroEgg. To me I prefer it on the orange colour, even though it says it should be yellow. It seems wayyyy too chilly when it’s yellow.

#4 Breastfeeding is harder than giving birth
I was really worried about giving birth. I was worried about the unknown and what to expect. I’m not sure what I had to worry about it was actually fine in the end. I’ll never forget the day and how I felt. I remember it so well it feels like yesterday in my head. What I have found really difficult, however, is breastfeeding and getting Phoebe to latch on and staying awake long enough to get some milk. Like I’ve said in previous posts I’m combination feeding. I would have loved to exclusively breastfeed but it hasn’t worked out that way. This is working for us though and she seems really happy so as long as she is then I am. I give her as much breastmilk as I physically can, or what she’ll take and then I do formula top ups. She’s going longer at night and is getting fed – that’s the main thing!

#5 Sick after every feed
After every feed she is always a little but sicky. I know this is probably normal but sometimes it does look like an awful lot of milk. I’m sure it looks worse than it actually is. 

#6 Sneezes
This is really cute but Phoebe sneezes… a lot. She doesn’t seem to have a constant cold, and our house isn’t full of dust but she does sneeze daily. Anyone know why this might be?

#7 Yawning and Sleeping
And as if she doesn’t get enough sleep as it is she wakes up from a long nap and then promptly yawns her head off. I’m not particularly worried about this – after all we adults seem to yawn a lot too.

I’m almost certain they’re not exclusive to Phoebe, but if you can shed some light then great.

Jabs – round 1

What comes with being a baby unfortunately is the jabs.

I say unfortunately because it’s not a nice experience and the after effects are not very pleasant but needs must and for the sake of a grotty day or so it’s totally worth it. I wouldn’t ever want to put Phoebe through actually having something wrong and having to be in hospital because we didn’t protect her.

I’m sure every baby reacts differently to the jabs. Phoebe’s first lot were at eight weeks. And below is a before and after picture. She was all happy and content going in and as I took her on my own I knew I had to stay strong for her and keep calm. Although I’ll be honest when the needles went in she screamed. Like I’d never heard her scream before…and I can tell you she definitely has some lungs on her.

She continued to cry like this for the rest of the afternoon and seemed inconsolable but then when she finally slept she just slept and slept and slept.

We had her jabs on the Friday and she settled back down on the Saturday. Then seemed grumpier than ever on the Sunday. But thankfully was back to her usual self from the Monday.

We gave her the recommended dose of Calpol throughout the Friday, left it on the Saturday as she seemed to perk up but ended up giving a little bit more on the Sunday, oh and lots of cuddles – cuddles were top of the agenda.

We have round 2 on 8 January. Wish us luck.

Our adventure begins

We’ve been in our new house for two weeks already and even though we had to wait 10 months we can now start to call this place home.

We’ve gone from a little 2-bed terrace – Lucky Number 7 to a 1930’s 3-bed semi – Lucky Number 17. And it couldn’t be more perfect. Our lovely family home right by the seaside.

We moved everything ourselves and it was pretty stress free. Starting on the Thursday and finishing it off on the Friday morning and we got the keys at about 3pm on the Friday. It all seemed to work out really well.

I was in charge of bubble wrapping all my lovely pictures and artwork and looking after Phoebe and Charlie. POG did the rest.

Our first morning was eventful with a power cut – which on a freezing cold day in an all electric house wasn’t too fun but it gave us an excuse for very early morning cuddles under the duvet with Phoebe.

It still feels a little bit like we’re on holiday but I’m sure in the next few weeks, as Christmas gets closer, and we can start making it our own, this feeling will fade. It’s a completely new area so we’re having to get used to where everything is and what shops we have on our doorstep. Birchington is a lovely little village though and I’m sure we’re going to make some very happy memories here.

We also have some major decorating to do – which is something I’m mega excited about. I already have so many ideas in my head thanks to Pinterest and my own creativity. I’ll be documenting and blogging about Lucky Number 17 as our adventure begins so enjoy reading.

Moving House

November 2015

November was pretty hectic for us as we moved house this month.

And although it was a relief that it was finally happening it was pretty difficult doing it with a seven week old baby, having to do three hour feeds among packing the endless amount of boxes.

We did it though and we settled into to our new house and surroundings very quickly. Phoebe is growing incredibly quickly and starting to get a really cute little character.



This month I’ve:

  • Slept a lot still
  • Started wearing clothes for a 7.5lb baby
  • Celebrated my gramps birthday
  • Moved house
  • Celebrated my actual due date (12 November)
  • Been to Brighton for the first time