Best friends

Our dog Charlie.

He’s bouncy and fun but he loves this one just as much as she loves him. They really are like best friends.

When I was pregnant we took him to the dogs trust with the view of giving him up because I worried so badly about how bouncy he’d be round a newborn and how he’d cope with all her toys around and not chewing everything in sight like he always has but the best decision we ever made was to give him a chance. And he’s seriously like a different dog since she’s been here and since we moved to the beach. Yeah he has his silly moments still but he’s calm, placid and absolutely adores her. He’s never touched a single toy of hers because he knows his boundaries now. If this isn’t love I don’t know what it. It’s good to give hugs. Always. It’s my favourite thing and I know it’s Phoebe’s too! 🐝🐶💛



Poppy and Phoebe are exactly 10 years apart to the day! And now Little Bee is a bit more exciting and into more things she is much more fun to play with. I love the top left hand picture!

Poppy and Phoebe   Poppy and Phoebe

Poppy and Phoebe   Poppy and Phoebe

Poppy’s 11th Birthday

It was probably quite a shock for Poppy to have her sister born on the same day. No-one ever in a million years could have planned it that way or predicted it…these things just happen. But she actually has been fine about it. As she was at school all day we did Phoebe’s things in the day and made the evening just about Poppy – taking her to our favourite pizza restaurant.

She then had a stash of presents to open when we got home. We also celebrated her 11th birthday on the Sunday in a joint tea party.

It might have all felt weird but let’s face it there are only 365 days in a year so chances are quite a few of us have to share birthdays!

img_2703  img_2753

img_2756  img_2759

img_2773  img_2792

img_2794   img_2796


Phoebe’s 1st birthday

What a year! Here’s Phoebe’s first year in pictures:

img_2697 img_2698 img_2699 img_2700

I cant’ believe a year passed so quickly. Like so so quickly. We are so thankful and grateful that when she graced us with her presence 6 weeks earlier than expected that she was OK and just needed a little bit of extra TLC at the beginning.

It was the happiest of times, but also the most scariest and i was so fragile I wonder looking back how i managed to stay so strong. But I did and here we are. The time is upon us to celebrate Little Bee’s 1st birthday, so we needed to make sure it was super special. On her actual birthday we spent the day together opening presents in the morning and playing with them, then we went out for a bit of breakfast followed by a trip round the Wildwood. She absolutely loved seeing all the animals. Then in the evening, because it was Poppy’s birthday too we went out for dinner after we picked her up from school.

On the Sunday, so two days after their birthdays we then held a little tea party at our house just for family and close friends. I made some cakes and got some balloons and we just had a nice time celebrating.

Given how quickly the time is going i best get cracking on her 2nd birthday plans.

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img_2708  img_2709

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