Mastering the walking

Just a month after Little Bee took her first steps she started showing off around one of our favourite places – Wildwood. She loves seeing all the animals and now she can explore even more because she can walk to her heart’s content.

We love going to Wildwood, we have the annual membership and it means that when we’re at home and there’s nothing to do then we can just pop down the road and know that it will be a fun two hours seeing bears, deers, wild cats, reindeers and lots of other woodland and forest animals. Plus there’s a play area at the end that Phoebe just LOVES. Especially the slide.






Snapchatting… Part 3

I feel like a bad parent sometimes when I whip Snapchat out to keep Phoebe quiet but she literally loves it. And as she’s growing up in a completely different world to what I had as a kid I don’t feel too bad…she is part of the digital revolution. As soon as the dog filter comes on she sticks her tongue out, it’s the cutest. And when you get to play it with your older sister it seem so much more fun. Here’s some more of our Snapchat fun…






When Betsy and Bee came to visit

When I was pregnant I set up an Instagram account just to document my journey and this has since spiralled into meeting lots of new people. I started by following some key accounts and then that widened and before I knew it I was in a world of following new mums, mums to be, and lots of craft people too. But in amongst all of that I met Phoebe – someone who I have a lot in common with and someone who i know i will always talk to. Not always daily but we know each other is there, if that makes sense.

Phoebe started by setting up a Whatsapp group, that had about 15 people in it and due to girls being girls this dwindled through arguments sadly but there are a few of us who have stayed in touch and one of those is me and Phoebe. Her boyfriend’s family lives in Thanet so I am also lucky enough to get to see her face to face and meet her beautiful little family.

The first time we met in 2015 I was a bit nervous because it’s one thing talking on Whatsapp and Instagram but another to actually meet. Well it was fine and her little girl Betsy is just adorable.

So this year she was down for Christmas so we met up again and the girls just ahd a lovely time playing, we had a good catch up and I can’t wait until the next time already.


img_0162  img_0164


img_3751  img_3752

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At the end of June we planned to go over to Margate for brunch. Daddy’s favourite hangout, of course, is the Wetherspoons. Actually though the one in Margate is actually OK. It’s called The Mechanical Elephant. We always have eggs benedict and daddy has an extra sausage on the side, with a bottle of wine. I had tea.

Phoebe finally fitted the high chair in there and while daddy was finishing off his food and drink we were playing with his sunglasses.

Then after lunch on the way back to the car we decided to have a little walk around Dreamland. I’ll be honest there wasn’t much there that Phoebe could go on but she did enjoy taking in all the rides and people watching, which is one of her favourite things.

Daddy did want to take her on one of the kiddie rides but I wouldn’t let him. I think she was just a bit too young.

Although I know how important it is to make sure I don’t push my own fears onto her because she will find different things to me exhilarating. Just because I don’t like rides and theme parks doesn’t mean she won’t.

Next time we go we’ll plan it  bit better so she can go on a few things. It’s a shame Dreamland is in so much money trouble because it could be really good and was fairly busy.

Dreamland  Dreamland

Dreamland  Dreamland

Dreamland  Dreamland