Mother’s Day 2017

Woah! How quick does a year go. It felt like only yesterday we were enjoying my first mother’s day and now here we are on our second. And again, like last year, it didn’t disappoint. I got some lovely gifts from my little Bee and we had a wonderful day spent at Kent Life, which is an attraction in Maidstone that has lots of farm animals and tractor rides etc and then not very glamorous but 100% perfect was dinner at Nandos. I love being a mummy SO much. It’s the best feeling in the world.












Christmas 2016

We were all super excited about Christmas this year and I was full to burst with happiness because of seeing Phoebe’s face and knowing she might not understand what it’s all about but she had more of a concept that something was going on. And she loved all her presents.

The Christmas build up began in early December as we put our tree and decorations up. It felt all Christmassy, we went ice-skating, enjoyed hot chocolate and really embraced the whole festive season.

img_3225  img_3227

img_3229  img_3234

img_3235  img_3237

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img_3292  img_3321

img_3342  img_3450

On Christmas Eve we had little presents and then watched some Christmas films before bed. Then it was an early start for everyone the next day because Santa had been.

Phoebe preferred to play with the paper and a toothbrush more than her presents but she actually enjoyed it really i think.

img_3628  img_3632

img_3638  img_3639

img_3640  img_3642

Then after our own presents and a bit of brekky Nana, Gramps, Aunty Claire, Uncle Stuart and Uncle Dave came round with cousin Oliver too. It was such a lovely day full of festive cheer, laughter and smiles.

img_3690   img_3696

img_3695  img_3678

img_3676  img_3647

img_3648  img_3649

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img_3644  img_3678

Happy Christmas from Team OG

img_3186  img_3187

Fireworks Night 2016

The 5 November is Gramp’s birthday so we stayed round for the night and enjoyed stew, sparklers and fireworks. Little Bee wasn’t so keen on the fireworks so went to bed but it was fun for the rest of us. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them more next year!

img_2987 img_2991

She is in there in all those layers…I promise.

img_2992   img_2993

img_2996   img_2997

img_3001  img_3005

img_3008  img_3009


Halloween 2016

For Daddy POG’s birthday I arranged a surprise trip to go pumpkin picking at Pumpkin Moon in Maidstone. I know he wouldn’t necessarily have wanted to go here of his own accord but i wanted to push him outside of his comfort ‘Wetherspoon’ zone. I never said where we were going and when we arrived at the big field, filled with orange balls, he just laughed. We had great fun though, taking a wheelbarrow round and picking our favourite pumpkins.

We did go OTT though, coming home with 7 pumpkins. Although it is our lucky number. Luckily for Daddy POG we hd a pub lunch planned for afters and had an amazing lunch at the Yew Tree Inn. Then we spent the evening carving and making our home looking spooky! Shame we had no trick or treaters.

We enjoyed ourselves though.

img_2915  img_2917

img_2919  img_2921

img_2922  img_2926

img_2931  img_2933

img_2934  img_2937

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Great Nana Lucy’s 90th Birthday

On 5 October 2016 it was Great Nana Lucy’s 90th birthday. She is in fact the same age as the Queen. We organised a surprise afternoon tea in the Savoy! It was awfully posh but they really treated us well and played Happy Birthday on the piano. And both you, Little Bee, and Oliver were so well behaved! We were so proud of you and you looked just scrumptious in your new dress!

img_2635  img_2637

img_2638  img_2641

img_2642  img_2645

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img_2656   img_2673

Euro 2016

In June England started in the Euros. This was Phoebe’s first proper football tournament and she was there supporting in full kit. Little does she really know just how rubbish England were and lucky for her all the games were past her bedtime so she ended up just supporting from inside her cot.

She didn’t have to endure the dire performances of the England team. She said to me she’s going to just stick to supporting Millwall from now on 🙂

In the middle of the tournament Phoebe went out with Daddy and Nanny Jan for a pub lunch and someone commented on the lovely little boy. This absolutely horrified Nanny Jan and so the very next day she went out and bought a pink England personalised kit so no-one could make that mistake again. Ha ha.

img_1380   img_1396