August 2016

This month I’ve:

  • Grown some more teeth
  • I stayed over at Great Nana Lucy’s flat in London
  • Daddy did some more DIY in the house
  • I missed mummy while she went to work
  • I started pulling myself up
  • I’m now crawling faster
  • I took Charlie to the vets with daddy
  • I went to the zoo
  • I got even cheekier
  • I went to a beach on the Southbank in London
  • Celebrated Ellise’s 1st birthday
  • Went out with Buddy
  • Met Emma, Amy and Remi

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July 2016

This month I’ve:

  • Got my first tooth!
  • Not one but 6 came through this month all very quickly!
  • I stayed over at Nana and Gramps again
  • Daddy did some more DIY in the house
  • I missed mummy while she went to Birmingham for work
  • I got to meet up and have cuddles with my godmother Emma 🙂
  • I started crawling
  • I tried some new foods – tuna, scrambled egg, raisins
  • I enjoyed my paddling pool
  • I loved spending more time with Nanny Jan
  • I love bubbles
  • I met up with my friend Betsy
  • I had ice-cream for the first time
  • I enjoyed playing on the swings
  • I loved spending the day with Orla and Esme

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June 2016

This month I’ve:

  • Spent time at my Nana’s while mummy has been at work
  • Enjoyed time with my aunty and cousin Oliver
  • I had a naming day
  • Great Nana Lucy came to stay for the weekend
  • Gramps bought me a present back from Wembley – Millwall were playing
  • I started eating lots more different foods
  • I supported England in the Euros
  • I got my first ever ball pit
  • I went to Dreamland in Margate
  • I’m now sitting up all the time
  • Daddy put a new back door in the house
  • I met up with my friends from Baby Sensory
  • I’m still sleeping well!

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May 2016

This month I’ve:

  • Been to the zoo
  • Had a sleepover at Nana’s and Gramps
  • My mummy went back to work 😦
  • I went out with some of my friends
  • I can now sit up properly for an extended period
  • I enjoyed playing with some more of my toys
  • I started rolling over
  • I continued to be a super star sleeper!

April 2016

This month I’ve:

  • Made weight gains and I’m now up to 14lb 7oz
  • Enjoyed some sunny days at the beach
  • Continued to sleep through the night
  • Started eating three meals a day
  • And I’m enjoying all the new flavours
  • I started to sit up a little bit
  • I can hold my spoon
  • I started sitting up for about 20 seconds before falling over.
  • I went swimming with my nana, aunty and cousin
  • I can grab my feet
  • I went on some long walks with mummy

March 2016



This month I’ve:

  • Made weight gains and I’m now up to 13lb 6oz
  • My mummy had her first Mother’s Day
  • It was my Nana’s Birthday
  • I went to Bluewater for the first time
  • I moved into the bigger part of my pram
  • Learnt to blow raspberries
  • I started eating some mushed up banana
  • I got to spent my first Easter at Minnis Bay in the lovely sun
  • I graduated from my sing and sign class

February 2016



This month I’ve:

  • Made weight gains and I’m now up to 13lb 30z
  • I’ve had my third lot of jabs
  • I’ve started grabbing things with my hands
  • I’m more alert
  • I celebrated my first Valentine’s Day
  • I went swimming for the first time and really enjoyed it
  • My mummy went back to work for a day
  • My Nana looked after me for the first time on my own
  • My Mummy and Daddy asked Emma and Jake to be my ‘Godparents’