Our first holiday…without Phoebe

For Christmas 2016 I got a surprise holiday to Morocco. Most people would be over the moon at a present like this but my immediate reaction was our safety because of recent world events and going away without my darling Phoebe.

I felt ungrateful and because I also hate flying i just felt dread. Why couldn’t I have a normal present. Of course, i know i was being silly and i didn’t mean to sound the way I did i was just worried.

But when the holiday came it was OK. I had a little tear after we left Phoebe at Nana and Gramps and then i was just focused on the flight. But as soon as we arrived, it we felt safe, I felt at ease, I was in constant contact with Phoebe and i started to relax. We only went away for a four days but they felt like the longest four days ever.





And I got these lovely photos half way through the mini break of Phoebe riding on her bike and helping to cut the grass.



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