Halloween 2016

For Daddy POG’s birthday I arranged a surprise trip to go pumpkin picking at Pumpkin Moon in Maidstone. I know he wouldn’t necessarily have wanted to go here of his own accord but i wanted to push him outside of his comfort ‘Wetherspoon’ zone. I never said where we were going and when we arrived at the big field, filled with orange balls, he just laughed. We had great fun though, taking a wheelbarrow round and picking our favourite pumpkins.

We did go OTT though, coming home with 7 pumpkins. Although it is our lucky number. Luckily for Daddy POG we hd a pub lunch planned for afters and had an amazing lunch at the Yew Tree Inn. Then we spent the evening carving and making our home looking spooky! Shame we had no trick or treaters.

We enjoyed ourselves though.

img_2915  img_2917

img_2919  img_2921

img_2922  img_2926

img_2931  img_2933

img_2934  img_2937

img_2948  img_2950


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