Phoebe started saying this and dada at roughly the same time


July 2016

This month I’ve:

  • Got my first tooth!
  • Not one but 6 came through this month all very quickly!
  • I stayed over at Nana and Gramps again
  • Daddy did some more DIY in the house
  • I missed mummy while she went to Birmingham for work
  • I got to meet up and have cuddles with my godmother Emma 🙂
  • I started crawling
  • I tried some new foods – tuna, scrambled egg, raisins
  • I enjoyed my paddling pool
  • I loved spending more time with Nanny Jan
  • I love bubbles
  • I met up with my friend Betsy
  • I had ice-cream for the first time
  • I enjoyed playing on the swings
  • I loved spending the day with Orla and Esme

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