At the end of June we planned to go over to Margate for brunch. Daddy’s favourite hangout, of course, is the Wetherspoons. Actually though the one in Margate is actually OK. It’s called The Mechanical Elephant. We always have eggs benedict and daddy has an extra sausage on the side, with a bottle of wine. I had tea.

Phoebe finally fitted the high chair in there and while daddy was finishing off his food and drink we were playing with his sunglasses.

Then after lunch on the way back to the car we decided to have a little walk around Dreamland. I’ll be honest there wasn’t much there that Phoebe could go on but she did enjoy taking in all the rides and people watching, which is one of her favourite things.

Daddy did want to take her on one of the kiddie rides but I wouldn’t let him. I think she was just a bit too young.

Although I know how important it is to make sure I don’t push my own fears onto her because she will find different things to me exhilarating. Just because I don’t like rides and theme parks doesn’t mean she won’t.

Next time we go we’ll plan it  bit better so she can go on a few things. It’s a shame Dreamland is in so much money trouble because it could be really good and was fairly busy.

Dreamland  Dreamland

Dreamland  Dreamland

Dreamland  Dreamland


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