Ball pit

As Phoebe starts to get more adventurous a baby mat and rocker just won’t cut it to keep her amused so I resorted to a ball pit.

I did quite a bit of looking round first to make sure it was made well, wasn’t too big and had lots of balls. I chose this one from Amazon that came with 30 balls. I was really pleased with my purchase and just had to wait for it to arrive.

When it did I ripped it open and got it set up. It was perfect. But there was one small problem. 30 balls…really wasn’t enough. I felt terrible because Phoebe was just looking at me like “Mummy, where are the rest of the balls?” I think I made a blunder with the ordering. Should have ordered extra balls. So I then ordered another 200 and ta-dah she was a happy Phoebe playing in all the balls.

Now I don’t think I thought through what happens when the balls go everywhere. Oh well…she loves it so that makes me happy 🙂

In all seriousness though the balls are really good for various things her strength to keep sitting up in there, her hand and eye coordination and also as she gets older how she can start to recognise colours and push the balls through the holes in the side.




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