June 2016

This month I’ve:

  • Spent time at my Nana’s while mummy has been at work
  • Enjoyed time with my aunty and cousin Oliver
  • I had a naming day
  • Great Nana Lucy came to stay for the weekend
  • Gramps bought me a present back from Wembley – Millwall were playing
  • I started eating lots more different foods
  • I supported England in the Euros
  • I got my first ever ball pit
  • I went to Dreamland in Margate
  • I’m now sitting up all the time
  • Daddy put a new back door in the house
  • I met up with my friends from Baby Sensory
  • I’m still sleeping well!

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At the end of June we planned to go over to Margate for brunch. Daddy’s favourite hangout, of course, is the Wetherspoons. Actually though the one in Margate is actually OK. It’s called The Mechanical Elephant. We always have eggs benedict and daddy has an extra sausage on the side, with a bottle of wine. I had tea.

Phoebe finally fitted the high chair in there and while daddy was finishing off his food and drink we were playing with his sunglasses.

Then after lunch on the way back to the car we decided to have a little walk around Dreamland. I’ll be honest there wasn’t much there that Phoebe could go on but she did enjoy taking in all the rides and people watching, which is one of her favourite things.

Daddy did want to take her on one of the kiddie rides but I wouldn’t let him. I think she was just a bit too young.

Although I know how important it is to make sure I don’t push my own fears onto her because she will find different things to me exhilarating. Just because I don’t like rides and theme parks doesn’t mean she won’t.

Next time we go we’ll plan it  bit better so she can go on a few things. It’s a shame Dreamland is in so much money trouble because it could be really good and was fairly busy.

Dreamland  Dreamland

Dreamland  Dreamland

Dreamland  Dreamland

Ball pit

As Phoebe starts to get more adventurous a baby mat and rocker just won’t cut it to keep her amused so I resorted to a ball pit.

I did quite a bit of looking round first to make sure it was made well, wasn’t too big and had lots of balls. I chose this one from Amazon that came with 30 balls. I was really pleased with my purchase and just had to wait for it to arrive.

When it did I ripped it open and got it set up. It was perfect. But there was one small problem. 30 balls…really wasn’t enough. I felt terrible because Phoebe was just looking at me like “Mummy, where are the rest of the balls?” I think I made a blunder with the ordering. Should have ordered extra balls. So I then ordered another 200 and ta-dah she was a happy Phoebe playing in all the balls.

Now I don’t think I thought through what happens when the balls go everywhere. Oh well…she loves it so that makes me happy 🙂

In all seriousness though the balls are really good for various things her strength to keep sitting up in there, her hand and eye coordination and also as she gets older how she can start to recognise colours and push the balls through the holes in the side.



Euro 2016

In June England started in the Euros. This was Phoebe’s first proper football tournament and she was there supporting in full kit. Little does she really know just how rubbish England were and lucky for her all the games were past her bedtime so she ended up just supporting from inside her cot.

She didn’t have to endure the dire performances of the England team. She said to me she’s going to just stick to supporting Millwall from now on 🙂

In the middle of the tournament Phoebe went out with Daddy and Nanny Jan for a pub lunch and someone commented on the lovely little boy. This absolutely horrified Nanny Jan and so the very next day she went out and bought a pink England personalised kit so no-one could make that mistake again. Ha ha.

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When Great Nana Lucy came to stay

On the weekend of 4 June Great Nana Lucy came to stay for the first time – and Phoebe, as well as us, had a fabulous time.

It was so lovely to see them playing together and even at 89 nan was on her hands and knees giving Little Bee her full attention.

Made my heart melt and created some really lovely memories.

On the Friday we took Nan out for fish and chips, Saturday we had a BBQ party to celebrate ‘Phoebe’s Birth’ and then on Sunday we took her home. She probably needed a little holiday for a rest. These 8 month-olds can be tiring you know.

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