February 2016



This month I’ve:

  • Made weight gains and I’m now up to 13lb 30z
  • I’ve had my third lot of jabs
  • I’ve started grabbing things with my hands
  • I’m more alert
  • I celebrated my first Valentine’s Day
  • I went swimming for the first time and really enjoyed it
  • My mummy went back to work for a day
  • My Nana looked after me for the first time on my own
  • My Mummy and Daddy asked Emma and Jake to be my ‘Godparents’

Babyzen Yoyo *REVIEW*

Since I have been using my pram I’ve wanted to do a review on it because quite frankly I think it’s one of the best investments we’ve made for Little OG. All of it is just super awesome.

We did quite a bit of shopping around when I was pregnant looking for the perfect pram and we had quite a few things to consider.

  • Something light for me as I’m a wimp when it comes to anything heavy
  • Something that will fit in the boot of both of our cars
  • I have 6 steps to negotiate at home so again something that I can get up and down those with easily
  • Something that will last Phoebe until she’s walking
  • Something that looks stylish
  • Something that was fairly small because I didn’t want a big pram to swamp me. I’m little enough as it is.

I wasn’t asking for much was I? Pah ha ha.

Anyway we tested them in the shops, tried putting them up and down, tried a car seat in numerous different styles and nothing really stood out, except the price. And that was the price of the pram and the car seat. It was getting silly.

But as we were mooching through the Mothercare catalogue one really did stand out. It was the Babyzen Yoyo. It was advertised as a compact option for those who love to travel.

Well, I wouldn’t exactly call us international jetsetters but we did want something that didn’t require a manual and screwdrivers to fold away. I’m kidding obviously but I have seen so many people having to take wheels off of prams just to get them in the boot.

The Babyzen Yoyo is so compact when folded it fits in the footwell at the front. It’s just perfect for those journeys we make where we just want to nip in and out quickly from one place to another. And yes, of course, it’ll be handy when we go away as when folded it goes down small enough to fit into hand luggage.

The folding action can even be done with one hand. You simple push in the side buttons and pull the handlebar down then underneath there’s a red leaver you push a button and pull that and that huzzah…it just folds in one quick swoop. Believe it or not it even has a carry handle so you can carry it like a bag on your shoulder.

So when I started telling people about this I could see them thinking, OK will the baby fit in there. Well I can say confidently yes! Phoebe fits in there fine. She was on the small side at birth so there was ample room for her in the from birth pram part and then now almost 6 months on she’s just started in the 6 month+ one.

I did the switch over myself and found it really easy to change over. Thank the lord for velcro! The whole thing seems to fit together with it but it is extremely sturdy. I have had no problems whatsoever with it since it’s gone into the stroller. In fact I think Phoebe actually quite likes looking where she’s going now.

Some people probably don’t like the fact it’s not parent facing. It only faces out but that didn’t bother me too much. The hood does have a little window so you can see her through it anyway.

We picked the white chassis with grey colour pack which I personally think looks the most stylish – but there are other colours to chose from in the form of colour packs so if you do get bored you can just buy a different pack and it can change. They come in red, blue and pink. With either a white or black chassis.

I’ve had to invest in a parasol just before we hit the summer months because the hood doesn’t quite cover her face when the sun is beaming down on her.

We’ve been on quite long walks with the pram and it has withstood many different terrains – this includes on the beach. We live near a beach with harder sand but it still was fine. Even though the pram is lightweight it still feels pretty sturdy.

If I was being picky I’d say the only downside is the basket bit underneath is super small but that doesn’t bother me personally. If anything it means I can’t buy as much when I’m out.

We bought our Babyzen Yoyo from The Baby Den in Kings Hill for £445 for the lot. The parasol has cost an extra £35 from Amazon.

I rate this product with 5/5 stars.


Back to work

Today was my first day back to work. It was terribly hard and my whole heart and head was raging with emotions.

Just because I have gone back to work today doesn’t mean I don’t love you. In fact it’s the hardest thing I’ve had to do so far. I’ve been gone for 12 hours today.

Just because I have hardly seen you today doesn’t mean I don’t love you. We’ve spent the last 12 months together and it felt so weird today not seeing you wake before I left for work and then getting home to find you were so tired it was bedtime straight away.

Just because I cried when I saw you tonight doesn’t mean I don’t love you. It was purely a build up of emotions over the day that I couldn’t control and it was bursting out my eyes when I walked through the door.

Just because I was only able to FaceTime you for a very short time today doesn’t mean I don’t love you. It’s purely because I had to get back to work and if I could have spent all afternoon cooing over you through my phone I would have.

Just because I forgot to pack nanny enough muslins doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

Just because you sleep in your own room and you have since week 3 doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I have made this decision for your own benefit to feel like you have your own space and your own safe haven at night time.

Just because I need to take a break sometimes doesn’t mean I don’t love you. It just means I need to take 5 minutes on my own in another room just to gather my thoughts and think how the hell am I going to get you to stop crying.

Just because I let you cry ‘it’ out sometimes doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Whatever ‘it’ is. I most definitely do love you.


On 10 February we went swimming for the first time with Aunty Claire and Cousin Oliver.

It was quite a stressful experience because I didn’t know what to expect and also my fears of it being quite difficult to get yourself and a baby changed in a slippery environment we’re correct.

How do you carry bags, locker keys, locker money, towels and a baby while walking through an area with a wet floor? With great difficulty. But we managed.

We only stayed in the pool for about 20 minutes and it was warm enough for that time. But getting changed afterwards made me realise that I don’t matter anymore. As I was getting covered in goosebumps and turning purple where I was so cold my main priority was making sure Phoebe was dried, warm and dressed as quickly as possible. Once that was done I could sort myself out.

It was very quiet in the pool, nothing much really happened.  It wasn’t like we were doing any actual swimming it was mainly just a lot of cooing, trying to get a smile and dipping Phoebe’s hair, of the little amount she has left, into the water.

She seems to like the water though. No tears or tantrums.

I think it’s really important living so close to the beach and seaside that Phoebe is not scared of water and that she feels confident in it. So as she gets older I’m going to encourage her to go more often.