December 2015

December is one of my favourite times of the year, because of Christmas. And this year there was even more added excitement because it was Phoebe’s first Christmas. Gahhhh too much excitement for one person.

This December we had so much going on. Rooms were being decorated, Christmas trees were being bought and decorated and there was turkeys and brussel sprouts to contend with.

I know Phoebe was only 11 weeks by Christmas but she’s not too small to know what any of it is but we still bought her presents. She got lots of lovely gifts and clothes. She even had her own Christmas cracker!



This month I’ve:

  • Got to grips with tummy time
  • Got up to 8lb 5oz
  • Enjoyed trips to the zoo
  • Had my first set of jabs
  • Celebrated my Nana’s birthday
  • Experienced my first Christmas
  • Loved playing on my play mat and shouting and cooing on it
  • Started sleeping in my cot
  • Met Santa Claus for the first time
  • Had my first New Year’s Eve

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