Christmas 2015

Phoebe’s first Christmas was pretty chaotic, busy but still lovely. It felt like a rushed time, I was a new mum trying to get to grips with everything. But we did. We managed to decorate the house nicely and for it to feel Christmassy. It felt a bit odd not being at work and not surrounded by the usual festivities you get in an office.

At only three months we didn’t get her many presents but we had a really nice day, with Nanny and Grandad and Uncle Glen coming over for an hour in the morning.

It was the first Christmas in our new house so it was a pretty big adjustment to our family. It was all new but it was about creating new traditions and new memories. Here’s some of our wonderful highlights.

20151205_184453  20151206_201749  20151225_095914

20151225_111243  sam_2394

sam_2403  sam_2404

sam_2408  sam_2410




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